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Earth Dragon

The Natural Home at Earth Dragon Homestead

The home here incorporates principles of appropriate technology: renewable energy, natural materials, passive solar design and simple engineering systems that are easily maintained and repaired.  It is designed to be net positive upon completion, or net zero with vehicle charging in future.

 Appropriate technology is the choice and application of the most small-scale, decentralized, labour-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound and locally autonomous technology suited to a task.  This concept was originally articulated as "intermediate technology" by Dr E.F. Shumacher in his work "Small is Beautiful".

 The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is the most stringent green building standard in the world. and the home here at Earth Dragon was a registered LBC project from inception, built to the multiple petal standard of the LBC.  This 1288 square foot code-approved home, like many green homes, employs passive solar design, daylighting, roof top solar electricity, solar domestic hot water and rain water harvesting.  It was built on previously disturbed land and every effort has been made to make choices of appropriate technology and lowest possible embodied energy of all materials and methods used in construction.   

Innovatively, it also employs an active solar heating system, seasonal greywater re-use and a super-insulated envelope that is close to Passivhaus standard.  Unlike many straw bale homes in a northern climate, it does all this as a fully Natural Building.  It is made primarily of straw, stone and earth, with earthen and lime plaster wall finishes and only a limited amount of high-carbon-footprint concrete.  Almost all the materials within it can be reused, recycled or composted at the end of its long life cycle.