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Earth Dragon

Resources List


Efficiency & Building Science

City Green Solutions

Natural Resources Canada - Guidebook: Keeping the Heat In


 Natural Building

Bruce King, PE

Ecological Building Network


Endeavour Centre


Renewable Energy

Jeremy Leggett

Rocky Mountain Institute

Canadian Solar Industries Association

Canadian Wind Energy Association

Centre for Alternative Technology

Hugh Piggot's Blog

Mick Sagrillo, Small Wind Toolbox


Stewardship & Resiliency

Border Free Bees

Canadian Freshwater Alliance

Canadian Organic Growers

Pollinator Partnership Canada

Xerces Society





Timber Frame

Natural wood supplied from local sustainably managed forests
supplied by Zirnheldt Timbrames


Straw Bale Infill Walls

Locally supplied organic straw
from the north okanagan

Clay Plaster

2nd coat plaster.  Straw-fibre-reinforced plaster with additional seismic/wind load reinforcing mesh applied - building nearing completion

Clay Plaster

Clay soil harvested and processed on site makes up all exterior and most interior wall finishes

*Requirements and standards for petal status LBC certification have been stringently followed throughout construction, but for personal reasons, certification may yet not be pursued; decision is pending.